Well, besides the obvious of being able to control who enters or exits your business, here are some other advantages.

* Keyless entry - Access control systems remove the need of keys which can be lost, copied or even kept by a disgruntled employee, which would then require a locksmith and new locks.  

* Auditing -  With an access control system, you will have a record of every opening and attempted opening of each door or area. The audit trail can be valuable in resolving employee issues, such as time card disputes.

* Time/Day Restrictions - Do you have certain employees that should only have access at certain times and/or on specific days. One example is your janitorial staff. If they only come one or twice a week at night, it makes more sense to restrict their access to those times than to give them a key that allows them access without restriction.

* Remote Access Control - The systems we offer allow you to control all the doors and areas from a single location. For example, if an emergency arises, you can send a lockdown command which would lock all the doors until the emergency has passed.

*Smart Businesses - We've all heard the term Smart Homes and the convenience that brings. Well you can have that available for your business as well. Imagine the convenience of walking up to your business to open up, you place your finger on the fingerprint reader, the system recognizes that you are the owner, it then sends a command to unlock the door, turn of the alarm system, turn on the lights and adjust the thermostat to your desired temperature. All this and more can be done with one of access control systems.