If you own a business, you most likely already have access control, they are called keys. You have employees who have keys to get into the business, and possibly more keys to get into an office or possibly a storage room, maybe even a warehouse. What happens if you have to let go of an employee, or if an employee (or you) loses their keys? You have to get new keys made and have all the locks changed, which is a costly procedure and a headache which can be avoided. With a smart access control system, not only can you control who can enter and exit your business or secure locations within it, but you have the ability to monitor and set time, day and door restrictions for each employee individually. Additionally, by adding biometrics into the fold, there is no card or keyfob to lose. If an employee is let go, you can remove access with a click of a mouse. Conversely, if an employee is promoted and needs higher access there is no need to make another key. Another click of a mouse and you've granted higher permissions. There are also safety issues. Daycares, schools, nursing homes and hospitals are just a few of the institutions in which access control helps to ensure the safety of those inside.