Before completing the Star2Star® Application Framework download steps, the following must be enabled:

  • Star2Star Application Framework for the customer’s Location within the Star2Star®Communications portal, which is enabled by Star2Star's Administrators.

  • Star2Star Application Framework license settings for the applicable users within the Star2Star portal, which are enabled by Star2Star's Dealers, Customers, and Location Administrators.

To download the Star2Star Application Framework, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Star2Star portal and select the CONFIGURATION menu.

  2. If multiple Locations are listed in the You are currently modifying settings at the location drop-down list, verify that the applicable Location is selected.


       3. From the PHONE SYSTEM CONFIGURATION screen > Individual Phone Settings section, select the Individual Phone Settings link.


        4. From the You are currently modifying settings for extension drop-down list, verify that the applicable Extension is selected.


        5. From the customer’s Location/Account INDIVIDUAL PHONE SETTINGS screen > EXTENSION SUMMARY section, select the appropriate link (Windows or Mac) for the type of PC the application will be installed on.



  • If the Star2Star Download options do not display on the right side of the screen, verify with the Location or Customer Administrator of the account that the license settings were applied to the applicable user.

  • If there are downloading issues, contact the Customer Administrator/Information Technology (IT) person as there may be download restrictions.

  • When the Star2Star Downloads page opens, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the download process.