The Star2Star monitoring system, StarWatch, looks at all aspects of the system, from the phones, to the local network (LAN) to the on-premise StarBox® Voice Optimized 

SD-WAN to the Internet (WAN) to the Network Operations Center (NOC) and all of its servers and connections, through the local connections or long-haul carriage network. 

It monitors failure states and trends, and, it alerts interested parties of problems or potential problems if necessary. For critical events, it may also automatically initiate remedial solutions.

For example, suppose the Internet connection to one of your offices is cut. The monitoring system will note this almost immediately, activate the backup StarBox® Voice Optimized 

SD-WAN at our operations center, and automatically reroute calls from the StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN at the affected office to the supplementary phones (usually a cell phone) 

for each of the company's users. All other applications such as automated attendant, voicemail, etc. will continue to operate without interruption. Customers calling in will not notice any change.

The StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN at the office can detect an Internet failure as well and can route all outbound calls to be made on the analog backup line. Simultaneously, the Star2Star 

notification system will place an automated call to the company's administrative contact (using their supplementary phone number), alerting him or her to the Internet connection outage along 

with suggested remedies. In most cases, the administrator will find out about the Internet outage well before employees start to complain that their web browsers and email are not working. 

This is only one example. The StarWatch monitoring system watches nearly 1000 different parameters and has hundreds of response states.

What backup provisions are in place?

Star2Star provides a complete and automatic disaster recovery system with your phone service. This capability is provided in our Network Operations Centers (NOCs) 

where we operate our core infrastructure. Our data centers are located in secure facilities, with redundant power sources and Internet connections.

In the extremely unlikely event that anything would ever happen at all six data centers that cause them to become non-operational, the StarBox® Voice Optimized 

SD-WAN (the Star2Star Phone System) at each customer site will automatically switch over and utilize other carriers and the on-premise analog connection to maintain 

the ability to send and receive calls.

If anything were to ever happen at your office to compromise the Internet connection (such as a lengthy power failure or a natural disaster) we will mimic your phone 

system in our data center and reroute calls to a backup phone line or even to the cell phone of each employee when their extension is dialed.