Star2Star has created the first fully integrated, end-to-end Business Grade VoIP solution. Our solution combines purpose-built hardware, custom engineered 24/7 monitoring and management, and six dedicated network operations centers. The results are powerful features, superior call quality, unmatched reliability and dramatic savings.

Other business-oriented VoIP vendors typically just offer one part of this complete solution. Some specialize in the on-premise phone switch solutions which provided call routing and features like voicemail but leave locating connectivity and VoIP telephone service up to you. Others offer telephone service but no on-premise solution; this approach limits flexibility, functionality, and reliability. Almost none offer any form of monitoring and management; once the system is set up, the assumption is that it will just run with no problems.

Star2Star is different.

 The Star2Star system uses a proprietary on-premise StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN. This solid-state device has no moving parts, no hard drive, and no fan for the utmost in reliability. The Star2Star StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN gathers information about the phone system and network that the system uses to prioritize phone calls while minimizing impact on regular data traffic.

Calls are connected to a private network of carrier-class telephone lines or carried long distance by Level3 Communications. At every point, our StarWatch service monitors nearly 1000 operational parameters in the hardware, data network, routing systems and carrier infrastructure to assure uptime and call quality.

Star2Star is the first and ONLY solution to fully integrate the hardware, phone service, and active monitoring and management. That's what makes us different.